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Texas Ranch Manager is a full-service, professional Property Management Company.  Texas Ranch Manager provides you with the professional help you need to manage your property. We offer a complete menu of professional  anagement services.  We offer everything from weekly property inspections to home repairs and lawn services.  Give Texas Ranch Manager a call today to see how we can assit you in your property management needs. 


At Texas Ranch Manager we provide an excellent monthly service program. We work with each individual client to come up with a custom designed check list of items that need continuous attention. The Texas Ranch Manager team will make weekly inspections of the property using those custom check list. Not only do we throughly go through the property we will email our report along with pictures of the property on a weekly basis.  The report we send our clients show everything we check and anything we recommend that needs to be takin care of by our professional team or by the client.


Whether you have a large, multi-acre, property, or a small country lot, we can handle all of your mowing needs and requirements. We strive to make every home look its very best. Our goal is to provide you with service you can trust and are completely satisfied with. Mowing your lawn and maintaining your equipment can be a pain let us take care of it for you.  Our mowers are commercial grade and always well-maintained. We provide free estimates and are willing to answer any questions you might have. 


Are you wanting to get a new fence installed on your property or wanting to repair your old fence, then give us a call. Texas Ranch Manager provides a quick and easy free estimate on fencing work. We work hard in knowing that we beat most prices and provide top quality work.  Our service team can also come in and clean your fence lines without damaging the existing fencing which in turn saves a tremendous amount of money. Please feel free to ask us any question you might have and we are more than willing to send you a few photos of our quality work.


The land clearing services we offer are done by professional teams dedicated to the process of maintaining land quality and value. Texas Ranch Manager works with a specialized group of hand picked and tested contractors that provide excellent knowledgeable service. Our constant supervision, daily email and picture updates keep that peace of mind that things are getting done right the first time.


Here at Texas Ranch Manager our landscaping team provides the upmost care to give your country home the curb appeal you desire. Our team works with our clients to set up a maintenance plan to tackle every need. If you’re in need of landscaping, whether it be mulching your flower beds, planting flowers, tree trimming, or all of the above, let Texas Ranch Manager take care of it for you. Keeping that pristine curb appeal does not have to be your job.


At Texas Ranch Manager we take great pride in maintaining the beauty of the country. We offer a great service in tree trimming and removal of old dead trees. Cutting down that old dead tree is a safety precaution, the longer the tree has to sit there and rot the more danger it has to fall on something. Let us come in and take care of those unwanted trees that make your property look bad. We offer free estimates and are here to answer any questions you might have.

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